The majority of the staff in the Citizens Advice Bureau are volunteers. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work with a fantastic team in a role which can really help to make a difference. We provide training and ongoing support to all our volunteers.

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Volunteering roles

To find out more about what’s involved when volunteering for Coventry CAB, take a look at the roles below.

Volunteering Week 2016

In Celebration of You!

Our trusted volunteers

Come to help from far and near

In the mornings

At midday

In the afternoons ­­ – hooray!


Covering advice and on reception,

They challenge misconceptions

Of disability and worth

Of poverty and dignity

Of age and health and work


Our amazing volunteers

Look up benefits and grants

Give out vouchers, work with plants!

Type out forms and charts and letters

Changing clients’ lives for better


Our stalwart volunteers

Stack up years without a boast

Put up pictures, signs and post(-ers)

Allaying clients’ fears – listening, laughing, wiping tears


Our remarkable volunteers –

Work with vigour, strength

And zeal

In admin, they have clerical appeal

Typing neatly, scanning sweetly

Collating and creating

When old data needs updating


Just being there for all of us

Inspiring courage, care and trust

Making the impossible, somehow achievable


Their duties never shirked –

They are why I come to work

The back bone of our service, they remind us of our purpose

Three cheers, three cheers!

For our Top Drawer Volunteers!

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If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering at Coventry CAB and wish to register your interest for the next recruitment period, please submit your details below and we will be in contact.